About ND Publishing Project

Since I moved to Devon five years ago, I have gradually become aware of a number of writers, largely working in isolation, with a very few groups dotted about. Joining an Open University course put me in contact with some wonderful writers, many living within a few miles of my home, yet there was little visible networking going on.

I’ve always enjoyed putting like-minded people in contact with each other, and know personally how much networking has helped my own writing. Five years ago I was starting writing more seriously, today I have a three book deal with an imprint of Random House. But I have met drama writers, journalists, poets, flash fiction writers, songwriters, short story writers, creative writing teachers and students, novelists and many more talented people, and it seemed to me that the opportunity to network was lacking. So, I set up this hub as a starting point.

My commitment is that I will run this hub for a minimum of two years, that I will use it to publicise groups who wish to be represented here. Each group will be offered a ‘page’ on the hub, explaining what they offer and a contact email address or phone number. I suggest this would be a good place to put members’ short bios and perhaps their blog/contact details if they wish, as well as links to any writing they want to publicise.

I have experience of getting funding for community groups, and would be open to coordinating such an application if the demand is there, for: publicity, community publishing projects, writing workshops, open mike sessions, writing competitions, a print or web-based magazine or anthologies or a presence at West Country literary festivals.

Networking works best if individuals approach it with something to give as well as something to gain. If you have an interest in creative writing, are willing to encourage others and would benefit from being part of a wider community of writers, please contact me on reb@rebecca-alexander.co.uk


4 Responses to About ND Publishing Project

  1. myagleny says:

    This is such a good idea Reb – very much overdue I think! I would love to be part of a growing network of writers. It is a lonely task at times, is it not! 🙂

  2. This sounds like a good idea I would be interest in join a group. I have been thinking of trying the one at the library, I have you tried it?

    • ndpublish says:

      I have, they’re excellent! They are on the first Saturday of each month, the work in progress group is very good, there’s a parachute writers group for people building their skills, and an ideas group (which sometimes has speakers) in the afternoon. Also a writing for children’s group. Contact the library for more info!

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