Back to school (well, it feels like it)

There’s a fresh start in the air, and the change in weather seems to have drawn a line under summer. There are the first yellow leaves in the hedges and trees, and fat orb spiders hanging in dewed webs all over the garden. For writers, there are some opportunities to get on with new projects, or take older projects to new drafts or to the market.

I’m teaching an introduction to writing at Ilfracombe library, 25 September, 10.30 for members of the library. I’m also running a workshop for the Barnstaple writing groups on 28 September on setting up blogs and thinking about virtual platforms and showcases for writing.

There are a number of opportunities for writers with competitions available. For female novelists, there is the Mslexia competition, closing date 23 September, which launched my publishing career. If you haven’t finished your novel but have an idea where it’s going, Literature Works have a first page competition that offers you the chance to impress with a compelling first page that drags the reader in. It’s £5 to enter, but great prizes for the right entries. This is much cheaper than sending submissions to agents and publishers, and may get your work noticed!

This month’s Writing magazine comes with a competition summary for the whole of the next year, including competitions this autumn. Well worth it, with some good articles too. I’ll put a few of the newest ones up later when I have time!

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1 Response to Back to school (well, it feels like it)

  1. Sue Smith says:

    Sounds great and very encouraging. Thank you
    Sue Smith

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