Free workshops, thanks to the library!

Barnstaple library (thanks to Jude) has given us space to run two workshops on short story writing for existing writing group members.

Barnstaple library has three creative writing groups: a ‘work in progress group’ for helpful critiques of work, a ‘parachute writers group’, and the ‘Ideas Gang’ who use creative exercises and prompts to inspire writing. Contact the library if you are interested in joining any group. I’m happy to pass on your details to the relevant person if you want more details, but I found the groups very welcoming and friendly for people at all levels.

For some people short stories are the perfect creative pieces: succinct, mysterious snapshots, often of a much larger story. Who can fail to speculate on Hemingway’s perfectly formed: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” For others, a more substantial 5000 words finds a satisfying dilemma or conflict for a few vividly imagined characters and a satisfying conclusion. These workshops are about the Long and Short of writing short fiction: finding the inspiration and free-writing the first draft; editing and refocusing the draft into the final draft. The details of the B10 competition are here, but the focus will be on all competitions and also writing for magazines.

I will be running another workshop on 28th September on all things blog and hinting at websites as well. More nearer the time. Although I won’t be paid, we will ask for a small contribution to the IT suite’s costs (around £3, I think but more near the time) and the aim will be to get people accessing free blogs. Contact me for more details! Again, this will be for group members.

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