It’s been an interesting month, not just because I’ve met some charming, literary enthusiasts, but because there’s a lot I didn’t know about going on in North Devon. The library in Barnstaple, for example, not only has three writing groups but is holding writing related events.

Bill Wahl, psychologist, stand up comedian and writer of The Art of Impossibility is giving a talk at the library in Barnstaple, 7pm on 9 July, for just £3 a head. Tickets available from the library.

I’m starting to look at the daunting task of promoting my books in October, a whole new skill set. I don’t think I’m a big book festival goer, but I’m looking forward to the Appledore Book Festival.

I’m interested in promoting reading groups as well, because reading and writing are so essential to each other. As a writer, I hope for a reader, and try to communicate with that person through our shared language. Readers make writing possible. Like most writers, I’m an avid reader. I really appreciate the offers of help that have come in, please get in contact if you are interested in promoting creative writing in any genre within North Devon.

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2 Responses to Networking

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Appledore this year, Dartington next? 🙂

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