Writing groups

Well, I’m making some progress. There are writing groups at Barnstaple library, although I don’t yet have a contact number or email address, I’m reliably informed that there are three! As well as groups advertised in the National Association of Writers’ Groups including ones at Tiverton, Exeter and Barnstaple. Great news. I’m hoping to go along and meet them, and maybe join one or two, because writers at any stage benefit from groups, and prompts and the feedback of readers.

I am personally snowed under by work, having just handed in book 2 (which is actually the third in the series, confusing, huh?) and am now chewing my nails down to the elbows hoping my agent and then my editor like it. But I like a challenge…

I have been approached by a couple of people wondering if a competition might reach more writers and therefore put more people in touch. Any ideas for start up funding? I don’t feel qualified to judge short stories but I do know a couple of people who might be willing…and a few poets, too. I do feel qualified, and know a couple of others who are too, to judge a ‘first chapter’ competition, so the people might be easier to find than the prize money.

Otherwise, I have met a few people who write in N Devon and will be getting them to introduce themselves shortly. Watch this space.

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4 Responses to Writing groups

  1. Sue Smith says:

    Hi there, I will forward this onto Rosie, one of the group leaders. She has had problems with her broadband recently so has not been on line. Hope this is ok. I am sure Rosie will contact you as she spoke about this last Saturday.
    Sue Smith (parachute writers group member, Barnstaple Library)

    • ndpublish says:

      Thank you Sue, I’ve literally just heard from Rosie and will be in contact shortly. Thank you for getting in touch, I hope to meet you in person at the library!

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Hi Reb, I’ve checked out Exeter Writers a few times but the website always says they are not accepting members. I’m on Word Centrals mailing list and they meet regularly. So far I haven’t been brave enough to go, I’m quite shy in groups and to read my work out would be terrifying!

    • ndpublish says:

      Hi Gilly, I hate reading out too, I used to have a stammer and it returns when I read aloud. Anyway, work thatw as meant to be read silently often sounds funny! I’d rather send people written stuff before a meeting then discuss is. Less painful recollections of school as well… Maybe they wouldn’t ask you to read aloud anyway!

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