Getting some feedback

It seems I am not completely alone in wanting some more events and groups for writers in North Devon after all! I’ve been contacted by a couple of other writers, one a poet, and one a novelist with a couple of books under her bed and another in progress. If you want to get involved, even if you just want to advertise your existence or blog or writing on this website, then please get in touch. We’re ‘going live’ officially in a few days, and I’ll start putting posters up in bookshops and libraries then. I’ve been snowed under with edits for book 1 and finishing book 2, and am hoping I’ll get some help over time.

The National Association of Writers Groups does list groups already established in the West Country, I have been to two of them. Established does sometimes mean they have formed around the needs and interests of existing writers and may not be a good fit for new members whose interests are different, but I would urge you to go along and find out, it might be just what you are looking for!

In the meantime, I am looking for funding for a competition to test the waters in North Devon, maybe something linked to the arts already here. I’ve also mentioned North Devon Publishing to the North Devon Journal, who have published the website address. It would be nice to make contact with other poets and authors, whatever point they are at in their writing. If you want to know more, contact me on

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